Finally after many months, many delays and many situations it's here, it's finally here.

My latest and largest project yet: Delicious Foods and Tasty Drinks

As always the title is pretty self-explanatory as this is a food mod that introduces (a quite needed if you personally ask me) new menu into the game. One that includes new fruits and vegetables, usefull foods with easy recipes, elaborated snacks that require more ingredients and even gigantic meals that you are able to share with your friends like a cake (Or you can eat them by yourself... all on your own... you glutton.)

Also this mod adds a brand new type of food: Drinks, which have their own pros and cons compared to regular food.

In summary this mod adds 24 new Ingredients, 58 new foods, 21 new drinks, a couple of new items, a couple of new blocks and as a little extra... a new set of armor that I will explain in a little bit.

There is much to explain and little time so without further ado, LETS BEGIN!

The Natural Resources:

Before we get into the food, we first need to talk about the ingredients and before we talk about the ingredients we first have to explain where are you able to find all this new ingredients.

You will be able to find this new "Natural Resources" by exploring the world, some of them are quite easy to recognize as they will stand out compared to everything else in the vanilla world. But some of them will require more of your patience as some of this new resources are quite rare or a little unrecognizable from a further distance.

Firstly we will start talking about the easier ones which are the plants and from that point on, we will get into the more complicated ones.

The chart below includes all the new plants, their locations and their drops:

We will talk further down the line of each and everyone of the drops of every plant but for now keep the information of each plant's location.

Next, we will be talking about the only new mineral that the mod adds,  introducing the:

The Plants:

The Salt Rock is a very odd-looking type of mineral that spawns at the ceiling of caves that are a little deep (Around Height 50).

Once you are at those heights you may find it as a quite common ore and it easy to recollect as you only need a wooden pickaxe to break it. 

And if it wasn't obvious the salt rocks drops Salt... (Around 3 piles upon breaking)

But we will get into the rock's content in a little bit.

Yes, that's correct this mod adds 3 new types of fruit trees, that allows you to collect crops in a very new and kinda cool way.

Like most trees, these ones spawn in different types of forest and are a little bit hard to notice from a distance, however once you know them, you will be able to see the differences.

To collect the fruits of each one of the tree you will have to right click the "Crop block" to collect them.

Obviously you are able to make farms out of this 3 new type of trees however it is quite an elaborate process that we will get in a bit. For now, just get to know them and their growing locations:

First and foremost, yes the big boss of all vanilla oak trees. I introduce you: The apple tree.

They are quite easily recognizable because of their darker color of leaves, however you'll have to patient as they appear rarely.

And there we go, that's all the new fruit trees the mod has to offer, for now at the least.

It may be quite a chore to find those trees but I hope that this little guide that I made has been helpful in your quest for some delicious fruits.

Or you know, you can always spot the fruit trees by turning your graphics into "fast" and spot them by being the only 3 trees with transparent leaves... (You party pooper).

Anyway, now that we got those out of the way, let's talk about the last new "Natural Resource" that the mod has to offer which is also the rarest one of all.

The one and bubble popping:

And that's it, that's everything you need to know about the "Natural Resources", so now you are able to find every new ingredient in the game but here comes the more difficult process of the cooking: Farming and collecting said ingredients.

So now let's talk about, the fundamentals of the:

Right after the crops, we are going to talk about the tedious but very rewarding process of the farming and collecting of:

Let me explain, step by step:

-First you need to craft a fertilizer. 

Once you get you fertilized fruit seed, you just need to place the seed in some dirt or grass block.

Something that must be noted is that just like vanilla trees, the fruit trees require a specific amount of space in order to succesfully grow.

This space is the following for each one of the 3 fruit trees:

Apple Tree: A 5x6x5 Space

Banana Tree: A 7x11x7 Space

Mango Tree: A 7x5x7 Space

And that's it and now that you got the tricky part out of the way, the only thing left is playing the wait game.

Boy oh boy is it a long wait game, as you will need to be patient with the fruit seeds as the take 20 minutes only to just become the fruit tree.

Once the tree has fully grown, you will need to wait around another 20 minutes to see get the "Crop blocks" to fully grow to get your fruits, something that should be noted is that every Crop block when it's fully matured, drops 2 fruits when right clicked.

Finally to wrap up the Farming Processes, we are going to talk about the recollection of:

Following our mineral, we will return to the surface to talk about a new natural resource that it's a little bit bigger than a couple of plants or that even a rock.

They are a good source of food and they are also good for getting a good shade on a sunny day.

They are the:

Salt Rock

Apple Tree:

(For anyone wondering, yes the trading villager appeared and ruined my shots of the onion... what a sod.)

Let's be honest, it's kinda silly the amount of saplings a normal tree drops. From one small oak tree you are able to grow around 3 or even 5 trees, which is kinda insane.

Well the fertilizer is here to prevent an over population of fruit trees (Cause that would be kinda broken) as you require quite an amount of fruit seeds to make one fertilized seed, which will become eventually a fruit tree. 

Recipes (Shapeless):


  • 1 Food Point
  • .2 Saturation Ratio
Fruit Trees

Crop Block:



-Roofed Forest


-Extreme Hills

Banana Tree:

Crop Block:



-Bamboo Jungle

Following that, comes the 2 far cousins of the apple tree, first off the easily spottable: Banana Tree.

This cyan leaved fellow, is the tallest one of the 3 (though it doesn't appear in the image.)

It may be even easier to locate than the apple tree. Another characterstic that differentiates the 2 Jungle Trees from the other Jungle trees is that fact that they don't grow vines. So clean trunks from this 2 fellas.

However the Crop block of this one is tougher to spot as it isn't recognizable from the rest of the leaves from below. 

Mango Tree:

Crop Block:



-Bamboo Jungle

And the final one of this natural triad: The Mango tree.

The Mango tree is by far the toughest fruit tree to find, though it's leaves are a little bit shinier than the typical Jungle leaves it's color its still incredibly similar so unless your at close distance, it will be a little chore to find it. 

The other issue with finding it, its that it's really not that tall, so it will get easily confused with the rest.

But be patient and look for those brightly yellowed Mangos and you will find them.

Carbonated Water Geyser

Last but not least, we have the most unique Natural resource of them all: The Carbonated Water Geyser

The Carbonated Water Geyser is a small puddle of Carbonated Water that spawn rarely on plains.

Though once one of them form close by, they will be easy to spot as Carbonated Water is quite clear in color and you will be able to listen to a small popping sound once your near.

Something that should be noticed as well is that the Carbonated Water is a finite fluid, meaning that you are unable to create a new Carbonated Water Source block, so you should try to use make every bucket that you get worth.

However there is a catch: As time passes new Carbonated Water Source blocks will spawn from the Geyser Hole in the middle.

But be aware that you are unable to collect the Geyser Hole, so if for some reason it breaks, it will be destroyed.

So that means that if you use all of the Source blocks you collected, you will need to return to the same Geyser to collect more, it sounds a little tedious but hey... No one said that being a professional Cook was easy. 

Source Block:

Farming Process:

So let's talk about them in the same order we introduced the new Natural resources.

So first up, it's the turn of the:

The Plants:

Now the new plants come in 2 different types, each one has a different process of recollection and farming. 

Now we may be getting into technical names but do not worry both types of Crops function exactly the same as the vanilla crops, so their not very complicated processes to understand.

So to start things, let's explain the simpler but more time consuming type, which are the:

Harvest Crops:

Like said before, though the term seems new, the process isn't...

Harvest Crops work exactly the same as most Farming foods and items in Vanilla Minecraft.

You collect the seed by breaking the plant, you plant said seed into farmland which has a water source, a light source near-by and lastly you wait until the crop stops growing. (This cycle takes about 45 minutes for it to be finished.) 

Once the crop has fully grown you break it and you collect the crop and the new seeds it drops, you rinse and repeat the process to create a farm, that's it.

However if you don't have the patience to literally see a plant grow, you can always use bonemeal (takes around 3 bonemeals to finish the growing cycle.)

In the following chart, you will be able to see each plant that works in this process and how they look during the growing cycle:

Bush Crops:

Once again the term might be new but the concept itself isn't. The Bush Crops work on a very similar way to the Harvest Crops, though they are a easier to farm and to collect.

Exactly alike to the Vanilla Sweet Berry bushes, the bush crops are planted without the need of farmland or even a water source.

They can be planted on dirt or grass and just require light and time to grow.

Which speaking of it's growing time, it's a lot shorter than that of the Harvest Crops, Bush crops take 15 minutes to grow fully.

Now collecting them is also a bit different as instead of breaking the bush you just need to right click it on it's fully grown stage and the growing won't make the bush turn back to it's first stage, it will start the growing process in it's second stage which means that it will fully grow 5 minutes early from then on.  

But if you can't wait 15 minutes to get your fresh ingredients you can always use bonemeal, however it should be noted that using 1 bonemeal will only make the bush grow 1 stage, so you will need 4 bonemeals to make fully grow the bush crop.

As in the other chart, you will be able to see each plant that works in this process and how they look during the growing cycle:

Farmland Bush Crops:

Now unlike the other types of Crops, this ones are the only ones which are not very vanilla-like and it's just because this type is the sum of the parts of the other 2.

The Farmland Bush Crops, need a water source close by and need to be placed on farmland, they take as much growing time as the Harvesting Crops, however to be collected they need to be right clicked and after doing they don't get returned to their first growing stage but instead to their 4th one. 

And if you are an impatient farmer, you can use bonemeal (it takes around 3 bonemeals to finish the growing cycle.)

So once again, all the visual information you need about this type of crops are in the chart below:

The Fruit Trees:

These ones are quite different from the rest, as they combine 2 completely different processes.

First and foremost, fruit trees grow like any other vanilla tree out there, however the difference is that these ones don't grow with saplings but instead with a new item called the: 

Another thing worth noticing of this type of crop is that, once you succesfully collect the fruits, you won't automatically get extra seeds to plant more bush crops but instead you will be able to get the seeds by extracting them out of the fruits that you collected.

A couple of extra facts are that to collect the corn properly you need to click the block that is below of the 2, otherwise nothing happens.

And the second one is that, just like the Bush Crops to collect Tomato seeds you need to extract them from the fruit.

Recipe (Shapeless):


Recipe (Shapeless):

-After that you also need to extract the seeds from the fruit of your choosing. You will require 3 of the same type.

Recipe (Shapeless):

-Once you get both items, you just combine them and boom: Fertilized Fruit seed.

Recipe (Shapeless):

Carbonated Water:

Now this one is very kinda self-explanatory but in case there is any question, here comes a brief description:

Just like to 2 other fluids of the world, you are able to collect the Carbonated Water with a Bucket.

However the main and most important way to collect Carbonated Water is through a new item, that will become essential for a new type of food in the mod, the transparent and great flavored-liquid carrier:

Beverage Flask:

As you can imagine, the beverage flask is the wider cousin of the glass bottle, difference being that while the glass bottle can contain water, potions or even honey, the Beverage flask can hold 3 specific types of liquids: Drinks, Beverages but most importantly (at least for now) Carbonated Water, in a little bit we will talk about the first 2 but for now, let's stick with the last one. 

Collecting Carbonated Water with Beverage Flasks works exactly the same as collecting water with glass bottles, you only need to right click a Carbonated Water source with a Beverage Flask in order to collect it.

Now that we are done with all the technicalities of the mod, we just need to make one final stop before getting into the good stuff.

We talked about how to obtain many of them but it's time to finally talk about the fresh and new:


First we are going to talk about both the farmable ingredients and the ingredients that have recipes.

Below on the left, you will see a chart with most ingredients that we previously talked about and on the right, you will find all the ingredients that have recipes. Both charts include the food points of every ingredient and their saturation ratio

(Which is the amount of saturation that every food point has individually).

We got most ingredients out of the way, however there is still a couple of ingredients which are worthless as a food source on their own, however they are essential to many recipes.

Let's call this ingredient category the:

Flavor-giving Ingredients:

Starting with one, that we previously talked about, the white and temperamental when losing videogames:


As you can imagine this small pile of minerals, can't be eaten on it's own.

However it is one of the most common ingredients for the elaborated meals.

Butter Block:

The next ingredient is the smooth and slippery:

Don't wanna judge anyone... but eating a block of butter alone sounds kinda gross.

I think that the best option is to use it as a great way to give flavor to a lot of meals.

Recipe (Shapeless):

Lastly we will talk about delicious but undigestible:

Bottle of Milk:

The more manageable version of the Milk Bucket however unlike the other one, this one can't be drinkable and when the milk gets separated into smaller portions, it loses it's status effect cleansing properties but it doesn't lose it's effectivity as it is a required ingredient in many food recipes.

Recipe (Shapeless):

Wrapping up the Ingredients, we will talk about 2 ingredients that aren't  either edible or that have only one specific use. 

These are the:

Different Ingredients:

The first one is an item that we have talked about previously and you may be suprised realizing that it is a double function item.

The brownish, tear-looking:

Corn Seeds:

By now, you are probably guessing what is the sole purpose of these seeds, this makes you realize that Corn is probably the most complete crop as a food source that the mod has to offer (at least for now).

In case you didn't guess yes Corn seeds can be used to make the most delicious Movie-going snack that there is:


As you can see it's a very simple food that isn't that effective but hey it's only the food that is made with an item that would be categorized as "junk" once it served it's purpose.

Finally we will talk about the rarest and most special ingredient in the entire mod, the spicefull and legendary:


Ghost Pepper:

If you are someone who enjoys the culture of spicy food or even chillis, you have probably heard at some point of this pepper.

For those who doesn't, allow me to explain:

In real life, the Ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world, being so potent, so strongly flavored, that in India farmers use them to protect their farmland from wild elephants.

Now in the mod, this is translated to a pepper that unless your last name is Evans or Klaus, can not be eaten.

I mean it's considered an ingredient because there is 1 food recipe that uses it (we will talk later on about that).

But it's main function is the same one as in real life: a defense method.

Even though it looks like any other ingredient, the Ghost pepper can be placed on the ground as a block.

When it is placed, an aura that is 1 by 1 block wide will appear surrounding the pepper, this area can easily be seen as small red particles appear constantly within the area.

And if you try to enter this "spice area" you will get hurt badly very fast as it does constant damage of 1 and a half heart every second.

But don't feel bad, it's not personal, every unlucky mob that enters the "Spice area" will get hurt.

I mean don't act suprised, if it can hurt an elephant enough to scare it away, imagine what it can do to a miserable creeper.

So if positioned correctly this double-edged pepper can be very usefull for protecting your property from uninvited guests but remember, you don't have the taste buds to savor a spice of this magnitude.

So finally, now that we got the new resources, the process to farm them and the ingredients, after what seemed an eternity, we get to the good stuff: We finally talk about the new:


Before we continue something that must be clarified is that this section will not contain all the types of new foods in the mod. As you will see later-on, Food is divided in 3 sections: Foods, Snacks and Meals.

This division is based on how elaborated the recipe is and how effective is the meal at restoring and health.

Foods as you may imagine are the easiest and less effective of the 3, we will explain the other in more depth later on but for now, let's begin with the foods.

As with the ingredients chart, this one includes the food points, the saturation ratio and the recipe.

As soon as you the chart, you will realize that many of the foods are just some ingredients with an extra step and also you will see how other foods have different varieties based on their ingredients (their Food Points and Saturation ratio change as well).

So right now, we are put on hold the chitty-chatter about the new foods and skip directly to the new and tasty: 


Now many of you may be thinking: "What is the big difference of drinks besides their recipes and that they are retextured food?" and the answer is: "Well those things and 1 little detail."

That detail being that Drinks actually work like food but backwards, not in the sense that they give you hunger and hurt you but in the sense that typically you would craft elaborated meals to get Food Points and a decent amount of saturation, however Drinks on the other hand never give much Food Points but they absolutely compensate with their Saturation Ratios.

For those who are unaware, basically Saturation is an invicible bar that runs out everytime you do an activity, including getting hurt, everytime the saturation runs low, your hunger bar begin to go down and everytime you eat something, the Saturation ratio of the meal calculates the amount of health the food will restore you before you need to eat again.

Knowing this, drinking well, drinks correctly makes them semi-regeneration Potions.

In order to get the best use of every drink you have, you require to fill the exact amount of food points that you need to be full with the food points of the drink your having.

If you succesfully do it, you will get a massive regeneration effect and stay with a lot of energy to make many activities without getting Hungry again. 

Few meals can approach the amount of Saturation that a normal drink gives, so for anyone that is not a big fan of their hunger constatly going down. I recommend them to have a couple of Drinks.

As the previous charts, this one will show how depending on each ingredient, the drinks have different Saturation Ratios.

So in case you're thirsty for some fruit or vegie juice or if you are getting ready for a big fight, now you know the recipes of the Drinks.

Next up and finishing the drinkable foods of the mod, come the more elaborated and savory:


Beverages are almost exactly alike to the Drinks, except for 1 that we will get into in a bit.

Almost identical to Drinks but better, however they also come at the price of having more elaborated recipes.

You might wonder why exactly does this division even exist and that is an answer that we will solve very later on.

Chart below comes with everything you would expect at this point.

If you recall, I previously said that there was 1 beverage that stood among the rest, in fact this beverage stands out above all of the other foods in the mod for 2 reasons: the first is having the most complicated recipe in the entire mod and the second and more interesting one is that it is the only one that gives the player a unique new "Effect".

Without further delays, meet the big meany of all beverages, the colorfull and mysterious:

Ender Cocktail:
  • 3 Food Point
  • .2 Saturation Ratio

As you can see the Ender Cocktail is incredibly expensive and difficult to obtain I mean it clearly doesn't compensate for it's stats but the true selling point is that unique effect.

You may think: "Well I bet this new effect it provides must be OP" and you would be kinda right, when used correctly, see this new status effect in unlike anything you see on the normal world, for it's properties are as bizarre and as backwards as the End, this effect is called:


Ender Tipsiness:

Duration: 1 Minute with 48 seconds

It's a little bit difficult to describe the exact property of the Ender Tipsiness but to put it simply, once you get on this juice you will begin to feel quite nauseous (like literally you will get Nausea IV) and after that to put it simple, your sense of gravity will become slippery.

Not like flying exactly, neither like floating, drinking this beverage will mess up your gravity, so for example if you jump while drinking, if timed correctly you will begin to ascend until the momentum stops and it works exactly the same the other way around.

Something that must be noted is that once you ascend you will have to find a higher place to land because once the Ender Tipsiness ends, you won't descend gently to the ground, your sense of gravity will instantly return and throw you plummeting to the ground. 

Another recommendation: do not use this as a sustitute for a Slow falling potion because if you don't get enough altitude for the Tipsiness to stop the momentum of the fall, even if your falling slowly you will take the full force of the fall.

I bet creative people will find usefull ways to use this strange effect but always remember, don't drink and mine kids. 

And that's it we finally finished all the drinkable foods in the game so now we return to the edibles, ranking up to the bigger brother of the "Foods" comes the delicious:


As you can imagine Snacks are the more elaborated Foods that have more complicated recipes or rarer ingredients, however at the cost of that, they are better and more usefull Foods.

By know, you know the drill of the chart below:

Now this meals might have elaborated recipes but remember that they are only the middle tier of the edible foods.

Speaking of which, it's time to wrap up all the Delicious Foods and tasty drinks of the mod.

Here come the big boys of the mod and their name is the:


Making meals is the goal of everyone who consider themselves cooks, they are elaborated, expensive but they are amazingly usefull for most situations.

Now meals are divided into 2 categories, the first one being "Personal meals" and the second one being 

Yes, meals are so flavored packed that they can restore the entire hunger of one person or for a small group of people, both different but usefull scenarios.

The Personal meals are the chart on the left and the Groups meals are shown on the right:

"Group Meals".

So now you are ready to become a great cook, for now you know every single recipe for every edible and drinkable food in the game. 

However you are still missing something to achieve your dream of becoming a great chef... An attire to go along with your new goal. So without further ado, let's wrap up this elaborated mod by talking about the last element of it, the elegant and usefull:

Chef's Uniform:

Now you might read the characteristics of the armor and think that it is nothing but a good waste of resources but in fact the Chef's Uniform might be one of the most usefull and unique armors compared to the other ones in the game.

Besides being a great aesthetic choice, the Chef's Uniform has one very special quality: that being a source for a lot of extra experience

I think some of you may be figuring out the concept behind the armor but in any case let me make it absolutetly clear. 

The Chef's Uniform has the perk of being the only armor that were worn completely, gives experience to the user everytime they craft something.

Now obviously, not every of recipe in the game but it does work with every single Snack, Beverage and Meal recipe in the mod. 

Everytime you succesfully cook something while wearing the Chef's Uniform, you will hear the small sound of a service bell and you will see how your experience bar will rapidly grow the more you cook these types of elaborated foods.


  • Lowest Defense Points than an armor can have.
  • Much less durability than Gold Armor

For those curious on the quantity of XP given by the Chef's Uniform, here it is:

  • Crafting a Beverage gives: 3 Experience
  • Crafting a Snack gives: 5 Experience
  • Crafting a Meal gives: 7 Experience


Holy smokes after what felt like an eternity I can finally say: And that's it, that's everything that the mod adds.

Now for those who were distracted by the amount of descriptions, here we have summarized:

All the content in the mod:


It is highly recommended to not have on hand any of the Group Meals when you

are trying to open any type of inventory block, because if you do it, you will accidentally place it on top of the block and you will spend it. 

And once the Group Meal is placed you can't get it back, unless it is destroyed.

New Natural Blocks:
New Seeds:
New Items:
New Fertilized Seeds:
New Ingredients:
New Foods:
New Drinks:
New Armor:

I can trully say that if you are reading this and you read the entire article above it, I just wanna thank you for having such an interest in my project, I am quite happy that I was able to make something that you enjoyed. As always I would love to hear your opinion about it.

Now you are ready to download the mod and conquer the culinary world.

So get out there and start cooking. 

In Future Update:

Bugs to Fix:

  • Fixing the Food Block placing bug
  • Fixing the Issue of Floating Fruit Trees
  • Making Carbonated Water Geysers spawn less akwardly

Future Additions:

  • More Natural Resources
  • More Drinks
  • More Food
  • More Variety Recipes in the current food