Welcome everyone, to the renewed Many Different Weapons with its fresh update: "The Art of War".
The update's goal was to maintain and also amplify the original concept of the mod (You know beating the daylights out of anyone who gave you a wrong look).
With an overwhelming amount of new features, the mod now has 10 new types of direct weapons (including the vanilla sword with new materials), 5 new types of ranged weapons, 10 new armors, a new recipe for a vanilla armor, 1 new type of shield, new versions of the vanilla shield, 3 new types of combat explosives, 1 new utility item, 5 new weapon enchantments, a new advancement tab, 20 new advancements, and 5 new materials to craft most of the items listed above. Everything you will ever need to know about this mod will be on this page, so without further ado.

Let's begin!


Let's begin by explaining the new materials that you are able to use in order to craft pretty much everything that the mod contains. The order will be ranked from the most ineffective material to the most effective one.

Starting with the brand new, craftable material:


Now, there are 10 new types of weapons, some of which are built for different situations and fighting different enemies, and others are made simply for different ways of combat.
So let's begin the ranking. Start by making clear, that there are new:


Speaking of basic and standard, the next weapons are basically an esthetic change (A cool one in that) to the vanilla sword, they cost and work the same, only the recipe changes, they are the:

Steel is basically an upgrade to Iron but a rather effective one. Steel has the effectiveness (damage in weapons and defense in armor) of Diamond, however, it doesn't have the durability of it. In fact, it only has doubled the durability of Iron, the recipe is a little expensive as it requires some coal, however, coal is the most common ore in the game so potayto, potahto I guess.


Next up, the second most effective material, you know it, you hate to mine it, it's:


Now, one of the few things that some people might not enjoy about the Update is that some things got... balanced (aka. nerfed but I don't want to sound like the bad guy, even though am probably gonna be for some people).
But I have to look to the bigger picture of the balancing with not only the mod itself but also the game, making Obsidian more powerful than Diamond, kinda makes the Diamond, as a material, pointless.
I don't want to remove the achievement of those who worked hard to get their full diamond Armor with their Diamond enchanted sword, just to make some guy who wasted 26 of Durability on his Diamond Pickaxe (on collecting a finite but easy/tedious to make resource) to make a full set of Obsidian Armor and an enchanted Obsidian Sword to take their lunch money.
For that reason, I realized Obsidian had to be rebalanced but don't worry Obsidian lovers, I think I gave the monolithic stone a fair treatment.
Obsidian is now weaker than Steel, however, it's still as strong as Iron. I still consider it to be a superior material than Steel because it has quite a lot more durability than it (I mean I don't think it's a surprise to anyone considering the hardness of Obsidian), plus it also has the same amount of enchantability as Gold and to put the icing on the cake; the Armor has more toughness than the Steel Armor, making every enemy strike less meaningful.

Now, let's finally get into something more "spicy", let's talk about the first, new material of the update, the burning and incessant:


Now, my original notion of the Emeralds still stands, people sacrifice too much and do too many things to get these green stones, just to get a set of iron Armor from these caveman squidwards.
But I feel that trading and obtaining Emeralds with villagers has changed and it has become easier from where it was in 1.12.2.
So Emeralds are still a great material to craft your new and improved weapons and armor, but the durability has been slightly nerfed. Making Emeralds quite more durable than Diamonds and slightly stronger than Netherite in the weapons department but having armor that is a little bit stronger than Diamond but weaker than Netherite.

Now that the materials are out of the way, the moment you have all been waiting for: The new Many Different Weapons.
So first, we will talk about the:

Close Combat Weapons:

 Same and as basic as the standard weapon of vanilla Minecraft, but with every material, they have more durability and more damage.




Now that those are out of the way, we will get into the juicy content. Beginning with the weakest of all the new close-combat weapons, the unyielding and Cheap:

Short Swords:

They could seem pointless, however in dire times, they can be a good alternative for normal Swords as they are the least expensive type of weapon in the mod, the Short Swords are the first weapon type with some specific traits:

  • They have 1/4 extra of attack speed than a Sword
  • They have half the durability of a Sword
  • 1 heart weaker of damage than a Sword
  • Able to sweep attack




Short Swords are not that great but relax. We are only getting started.

Coming up, the quickest weapon of the mod, offering a different type of combat, introducing the:

For the people who miss the times before the Combat Update, the Rapiers are here to please your nostalgic fantasies. Rapiers are not stronger or weaker than Normal Swords, they are simply different. By having less attack cooldown, you can hit more times with full force, but as always there is a catch. Their characteristics are:

  • Double the attack speed of a Sword
  • Same durability as a Sword
  • 1 heart weaker of damage than a Sword
  • Unable to sweep attack

Battle Axes:


Phew, well we finally got that subject out of the way, that was a lot more information than I realized.
Now let's talk about their next of kin, which always demands more social distancing between themselves and their target, the new and varied:


Finally, we are here, introducing the last and strongest Close Combat weapon type of them all, the expensive and head-chopping:

Ironically, the most conceptually basic of all the Close Combat weapons next to the new Swords and the Scimitars.

The premise of the Battle Axes is: the most expensive weapons you can craft are equal to the deadliest and toughest weapons in the entire mod for most situations, their Stats are as follow:

  • 1 More heart of damage than a Vanilla Axe
  • More attack speed than a Vanilla Axe
  • Double the durability of a Sword
  • Can't Sweep Attack
Ranged Weapons:

Now with the update, there is a total of 5 new different types of Ranged Weapons, some are just throwables and others require ammo but something worth mentioning is that non of them are enchantable.
On the other hand, most of them have unique mechanics or perks, so for those that are still interested, please keep reading.
Same as the Close-Combat ones we shall name and talk about them in order from weakest to strongest.

Beginning with the powerful but luck-requiring:

Many will think that a joke can go so far, especially considering that the recipe of the Slingshot is more costly than the one of a bow, however where it compensates its price is in its biggest attribute, its ammo, for it is incredibly affordable and easy to obtain, pebbles.
Pebbles are absurdly easy to craft, while arrows can be quite a hassle considering you need chickens and a lot of patience to get those flints.

So if you have a couple of chests of useless cobblestones, why don't you use all that wasted resource on something cheeky and a little naughty?

 Now, I know that a lot of you are having your doubts about the slingshot, not only because of the concept itself but also because the recipe is a little bit more expensive than the bow, however the Slingshot has 2 perks that are superior to it's contender: the bow.

  • First of all, the ammo: Admit it, arrows are not easy to obtain, not only do you need flint but you also need feathers of chickens and unless you have a farm of them, it's not gonna be easy making a sustainable source of feathers, and let's just say that finding the "Infinity" enchantment is not very practical. The Slingshot doesn't have to worry about any of that, as getting it's ammo is as easy as can get, for the ammo of the slingshot are: pebbles.

Now, I hope that I made how "Retract" works absolutely clear but in case you break the chain of your Flail, you can always repair it and try again.

Coming from the ancient Roman colosseums, the Retiarius Net is a particular tool, that gives you an advantage over your opponent by slowing him while inside it.
The Retiarius Net can be tricky as you can get stuck inside of it, however, if that's the case you don't need to worry as it can be breakable with quite ease, even with your hand.

The Retiarius Net does require some quick thinking while your fighting, for it also has gravity (such as gravel or sand) so you can be able to make your traps, to catch an enemy off-guard.

In other words, a craftable and pickable cobweb with gravel physics, okay? Okay, let's move on.

Now, all the Armor that is inside the mod can be divided into 3 categories, for now, we will skip momentarily the stats of all of them and once we get to know and understand the entire spectrum of the armor, we will show each of their stats compared to one another, so, for now, let's just talk a little bit about each of them.

So going in order from basic to the most complex, let's begin talking about the new:

The original reason for the existence of the Iron Links.
Everyone new to the mod will wonder, besides the fun factor, why would I craft this feeble and plain set of Armor?
Those who are veterans of the mod already know the answer, but trust me, non of you know half of it.
So for now, just enjoy knowing that the full set costs 11 Iron Ingots and you get a little extra change, so you know quite cheap.




Balance Notes:

# Material Balancing:


  • -Nerfed Durability


  • -Nerfed Damage
  • -Nerfed Armor Defense
  • - Nerfed Durability


  • +Blackstone can be used to replace regular cobblestone in all it's recipes

# Weapons Balancing:

*Short Sword: 

  • - Nerfed Durability
  • - Nerfed Damage
  • + Added Sweep Ability
  • + Enchantable like a Sword
Update Notes:
Update Trailer:

Added Features Notes:

# New Materials:

  • Blazing Steel
  • Netherite
  • End Diamond
  • Nether Star

# New Close Combat Weapons:

  • Gauntlets
  • Halberd
  • Katana
  • Jousting Spear

# New Ranged Weapons:

  • Tomahawk Axe
  • Shuriken
  • Flail
  • Longbow

# New Shields:

  • Shield
  • Small Shield


  • Reworked "Stun" Ability


  • - Nerfed Durability


  • - Nerfed Damage

*Battle Axes:

  • + Buffed Damage

# Item Reworking:

*Retiarius Net

  • Modified to be an Item instead of a block
  • Added Extra Recipe

# New Explosives:

  • Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Smoke Bomb

# New Armors:

  • Reinforced Leather Armor
  • Reinforced Gold Armor
  • Complete Set of Turtle Armor

# New Enchantments:

  • Discourage
  • Knock Up
  • Asperity
  • Justice
  • Infernal Slayer

# New Advancements:

  • 1 Advancement Tab
  • 20 New Advancements

# Added ???

Blazing Steel:

The Blazing Steel is mighty but expensive, as it is one of the two materials in the mod that give a unique status effect to its victim besides having different stats among the other materials.
Stats-wise, Blazing Steel is as strong as Netherite but it only has a little bit more durability than Obsidian. So nothing too remarkable but pretty good, however where Blazing Steel becomes a power to be reckoned with its powerful but simple status effect:


Firebrand has the simple premise of putting a DoT (1 heart of damage per second) in the victim and if the said victim has 2 specific status effects removing them.
On paper doesn't sound like much until you realize those 2 Status effects that Firebrand counters are:
-Regeneration and Absorption
Yes, Firebrand negates golden apples besides that it lasts for 4 seconds, so with every strike of your weapon you deal 4 hearts of damage to the enemy which is just insane.
However, there is a small and 9 out of 10 times minimal detail but: Firebrand doesn't activate with fire elementals, such as Blazes, Striders, and Magma Cubes.

Duration: 4 seconds per hit

Besides that, Blazing Steel becomes a powerhouse when it comes to combat.
But like I said at the beginning, it's very expensive so... that's that.


First you need to craft some: Uncooked Blazing Steel Ingot.

And after that, you simply smelt it.

Now, let's get back into familiar territory, let's talk about the true precious stone of Vanilla Minecraft, the greedy-making:

End Diamond:

Allow me to introduce everyone to the powerful alchemic force of the End Diamond, a material that is extremely challenging to obtain, as its ingredients are quite scarce to find.
However, all that hard work pays off, as these cryptic Diamonds have as much Offensive power as Emeralds while also having quite more durability than Netherite. Armor-wise, the End Diamond is a little bit stronger than Netherite but with more durability. And to put the icing on the top, it has so much contained unknown magic that it is fracturing the Diamond itself having more Enchantability than even gold.
So in conclusion a powerhouse of a material.

After that small clarification, we can continue talking about the good, new, and neat stuff. So now let's talk about the new tough guy of the block, the purple and enigmatic:


Have you ever crafted an End Crystal? Well, it's the same, the only difference being that you substitute all the glass blocks for a diamond, easy right? (*Cough*, sarcasm, *Cough*)

Nether Star:

Finally, we are going to talk about the biggest hard-hitting material of the mod, the greatest challenge of any warmonger in Vanilla Minecraft, the final goal to become the Bringer of War, the divine and cosmic:


Now, I know most of you are calling me all kinds of names (let's keep it clean, guys). But hear me out:
The Nether Star is one of the greatest challenges/rewards of the entire game and its sole purpose is to create a Beacon that gives you in a limited area some status effects. Now that doesn't sound that bad until you realize all the amount of resources and time that you need to put in before you even begin to get some use out of your Nether Star, (besides that you know, you need to kill a Wither to get it.)
So what if I told you, that you could use it for bellic purposes?
The Nether Star as a material is the last goal of the mod, as hard as it is to get, it is by far, the strongest material there is.
So how does it work? Well, Nether Star works the same way Netherite does, you don't craft an item out of it, you combine it to upgrade an item of a specific material, in this case, End Diamond weaponry, shields, and armor.
But that's not all, remember when I said back in the Blazing Steel description that there was another material, that had a special effect, Nether Star is said material.
For it has the strongest PVE combat buff in the entire mod:



This is the reason, your enemies are afraid to come out at night.
Holiness is an incredibly powerful effect that makes the entire hassle of getting the Nether Star worth it, as its premise is simple but incredibly strong, Holiness makes that your Critical Hits deal 200% of the Weapons Base Damage as Magic Damage but have in mind, that Holiness only works with creatures of evil essence.
So to make it clear, Holiness only works on the creatures of this list:
-All creatures that enter the Undead classification
-All creatures that enter the Illager classification
-All the Non-Illager Allies (Vexes and Witches)
And last but not least:
-The Ender Dragon

Now Holiness works differently with the armor and shields but we will get into that later.

So who's ready to start fighting Withers?

Smithing Table Recipe:

Smithing Table Recipe:

Smithing Table Recipe:

Smithing Table Recipe:

Coming up, we introduce one of the most "complete" per se weapon types of the entire mod as it not only has offensive properties but some defensive ones as well, the unique and diverse:


The shaft is a very simple material with the premise of being the taller substitute for the wooden sticks in the recipes of the "Big Weapons" of the mod.
These weapons are big but not necessarily the strongest of the mod, or they may be in very specific scenarios, we will get to them in just a little bit but you must know the existence and recipe of the shaft.



Now the reason, I brought up the subject of the shaft is because the 2 following weapons are the "Big Weapons" of the mod, which coincidentally the following type is the Strongest of the weaker weapons, so let's introduce the sharp and elongated:


Now, these weapons are a little bit complicated in their use because in most scenarios they can look like quite a waste of material as they are not that cheap and for that price, a vanilla sword could do quite more damage, in most scenarios. However, the Halberds are specialized weapons that can also potentially be the strongest type of weapon of the entire mod and by a lot.

You see, Halberds have a special mechanic that makes the entire difference but let's take a small look at its stats before we get into the good stuff.

  • Has 1/3 less Attack speed than a Sword
  • Has exactly 118 more Durability than a Sword
  • Has 1 heart less of Damage than a Sword
  • Can Sweep Attack

And with that, we conclude the affordable or what could be considered weaker weapon types of the mod. Now we are going to talk about the stronger weapons of close combat, starting with the least powerful of the heavy hitters, the righteous and pointy:

Jousting Spears:

These guys are the other "Big Weapon" types and like their gigantic companions, they are incredibly powerful but situational weapons. Now before we get into their powerful mechanic, let's go quickly through their stats.

  • Same damage as a Vanilla Axe
  • Half the Attack speed of a Vanilla Axe
  • Same Durability as a Halberd
  • Can't Sweep attack


New mechanic: Giant Slay

If the user Critical Hits with the Halberd and the victim has more than 10 Hearts of Health, the Damage of the attack gets Quintuplicated (500% Weapon Base Damage) as Normal Damage. 



Smithing Table Recipe:

Smithing Table Recipe:

Now, before we continue with the weapons, we need to take a small detour to talk about a new item that is part of the 2 following recipes, so let's talk a little bit about the:


Now here we have a truly different weapon, for the Gauntlets are the only weapons that are the perfect balance between Offense and Defense. I will explain more thoroughly this concept in a bit but before that, let's just check their raw stats.

  • Has slightly less Attack Speed than a Sword
  • Has the same Durability as a Sword
  • Has 1 heart less of Damage than a Sword
  • Can't sweep attack
  • Can't be Enchanted

New mechanic: One for each hand

Now many will find it a little bit too forgiving that with one recipe you can create both gauntlets, however, the truth is that the Gauntlets come in pairs for a good reason. That being that to be used properly you need to wear them both on each hand at the same time.
When you look at the raw stats of one gauntlet alone, it isn't that impressive, it's weaker than a Sword and slower than a Short Sword. However, the catch is that if you are wearing 2 Gauntlets of the same material on each hand and you right-click you will be able to do a Defensive stance with your left Gauntlet, which will briefly become like a Shield to protect yourself from harm, during this you will also get Slowness III, this defensive stance lasts 1 second and after that, it will return to its original position.
You will also be able to attack while in the defensive position. Making it quite a safe weapon in combat. Now, remember that if one of your Gauntlet breaks, you won't be able to use your left Gauntlet for defense, so my recommendation would be to start using your left Gauntlet on your right hand as a weapon until it breaks and craft a new pair if you choose to make new Gauntlets.

In conclusion, the Gauntlet is the only Sword/Shield Weapon in the mod, so put' em up and invite your enemies to go a few rounds.


Smithing Table Recipe:

Now that we got both "Big Weapons" out of the way, we are going to return to a more familiar weapon type, the memorable and skull-shaking:


Maces are strong weapons in every aspect, they should be as they are one of the most expensive types of weapons to craft, but they are worth the cost. Especially because of their mechanic but before we go over that subject, here are their stats:

  • Same damage as a Vanilla Axe
  • The Durability of a Sword
  • The Attack Speed of a Sword
  • Able to sweep attack


Smithing Table Recipe:

New mechanic: Knight Strike


Now I know many raised an eyebrow when reading about the Attack Speed of the Jousting Spear but don't worry, this is where this mechanic shines through.
Knight Strikes works in the way that if the user is riding any type of mob and attacks an enemy, said enemy will receive duplicated damage (200% of the Weapons Base Damage), and here is the icing on the cake, Knight Strike doesn't have any Attack Speed penalty so you can attack them as fast as you can and every single hit will become a Knight Strike.

Show them the power of the Knighthood.

New mechanic: Stun


Every time the user of the mace Critical Hits, the victim will be unable to move for a brief period however they are still going to be able to attack. With every better material, the stun duration lasts longer.

After a classic, comes something fresh and innovative as it's a weapon that challenges the popular customs of Minecraft combat, the precise and deadly:


Now the Katanas, truly are challenging weapons, as they antagonize the ways of typical Minecraft Combat, the reason for this it's that most players are accustomed to trying to jump and critical hit their opponent to get the most damage done in fewer hits and as fast as possible. However the Katana because of its stats and its new mechanic is all about hitting the enemy with timing and fierceness while standing on your 2 feet. I know this all sounds complicated, so let me explain more thoroughly in the description of the mechanic but for now, check their stats so you start giving yourself an idea.

  • Same damage as a Vanilla Axe
  • The Durability of a Short Sword
  • The Attack Speed of a Sword
  • Able to sweep attack

New mechanic: Bleed


Understanding and using this mechanic properly is the whole difference between the Katanas being the greatest waste of resources you can make to being the strongest and least expensive weapon in the mod in most scenarios, no joke.
Because if the user of the Katana attacks a target while standing on the ground, the enemy will begin to bleed, losing an entire heart of health per second not only that, but during all of this, they get slowness II until the effect stops.
Just for the record, the most basic katanas make the bleeding effect last for 2 seconds, and for every material that upgrades the damage the duration of the bleeding last 2 seconds more. If you make the math, you will realize why in the proper hands this weapon can be insanely strong.
The downside is that you need to unlearn the concept that critical hitting your enemy will be more powerful because if you critical hit with your Katana, Bleed will not proc. Remember that the Katana has the worst durability of any weapon concerning its cost in materials, so make every attack count.
One more thing that should be known about Bleed is that it only works in creatures and mobs that you know, actually bleed:
So creatures like any type of Skeletons, Fire Elementals, every Golem or Construct, and creatures such as the Shulkers and the Vexes can't be harmed by Bleed.

So stand your ground and slice them in half.


Smithing Table Recipe:

Smithing Table Recipe:

After that, we continue with a personal favorite and the first of all the ranged Weapons of the mod, the incredibly childish and fun:

Tomahawk Axes:

These are a very peculiar type of Weapons as they are the first ones to be considered part of the sub-category of Supporting Weapons.
Weapons that enter this category should not be considered strong enough to be your only source of offense/defense as they can be unreliable or weaker than most weapons. For this reason, these weapons are also low-priced in their cost of materials. Their usefulness lies in making the combat more manageable and less dangerous while you fight with your main weapon.

Because of this, it is highly recommended to use them in your off-hand.

Considering this, one can understand why Tomahawk Axes have some great stats while also having some drawbacks. Another subject that complexes their reliability is their distinctive mechanic, but am getting ahead, first the basics:

  • Same damage as a Vanilla Axe
  • Their Max Range is approx. 11 blocks
  • Their Knockback is equal to Punch II
  • Throwable like Snowballs
  • Can't Stack
  • They can be picked up from the ground if they didn't hit a target

New mechanic: Rebound

Remember when I said 2 paragraphs ago that this is a luck-requiring weapon? This is the reason why.
Rebound is a mechanic that based on probability, decides if a Tomahawk Axe respawns after hitting an enemy.
The only reasons why you could consider upgrading the materials of the Tomahawk Axes are the improvement of damage and most importantly the increase in Rebound Probability.
You see Tomahawk Axes don't have durability, they have Rebound Probability.
The Golden one has the lowest probability, having a 50% chance of bouncing back, from there every material based on its durability enhancement increases the probability by another 4%.
Now the last fun fact that people should know is that: if you're crazy enough to craft a Celestial Tomahawk Axe, you will be rewarded with having the only weapon in the mod that is completely unbreakable, as it has 100% Rebound probability. As icing on the cake, it procs Holiness upon striking an evildoer.

So you know, keep it away from fire, lava, or endless pits and you will be good to go.


Smithing Table Recipe:

Now many of you may be too grown-up or too mature to find a reason for crafting one of these but for those that want to laugh at the ridiculous concept of killing a Zombie with a Slingshot, stay tuned.Now, the Slingshot is not only a fun weapon as it has some attributes that are superior to the Vanilla Bow, besides that it has the cheapest ammo in the entire mod, but before we get into that subject, let's check the stats out:

  • Weaker than a Vanilla Bow
  • Their Max Range is approx. 20 blocks
  • Same Knockback as a Vanilla Bow
  • Has exactly 96 more Durability than a Bow

Ammo: Pebbles


Recipe (Shapeless):

Gonna take a quick left turn before we continue with the ranged Weapons to talk a little bit about a material that is necessary for the following weapon types, the shiny:


The weapon everyone thinks about when they hear the word: "Ninja", Although a little expensive to be part of the subcategory of Supporting Weapons, the Shurikens are the fierce weapons of the assassins of the dark. Though if we are honest, it's very likely that at some point you will have iron to spare, so how about using some of that extra resources to do some mean damage and looking cool while doing it?

Let's check their stats:

  • Stronger than the Slingshot but slightly weaker than a Vanilla Bow
  • Their Max Range is approx. 25 blocks
  • Same Knockback as a Vanilla Bow
  • Throwable like Snowballs
  • Stackable
  • They can be picked up from the ground if they didn't hit a target

Iron Link:

Next up, we will talk about some smaller but sharper Weapons, coming from the far east, the star-shaped:


For the veterans of this mod, you know exactly what was their single original purpose but now to exploit the item a little further, the Iron Links are required for 2 of the new ranged weapons and a couple of more things, the Iron Link is a cheap but necessary material.


Now, let's get ready to talk about not only one of the strongest but also the most experimental weapons in the entire mod, the heavy and crushing:


Everyone, I proudly introduce you to my Science-fair project, the Flails. These weapons are odd in design as they are mighty.
If you look at them crudely, they are strange weapons from the get-go, as you are unable to use them in your Off-Hand meaning they have to be your main weapon.

You could also believe that they fail to be ranged weapons as they have almost no reach. However, to compensate for this detail they pack a massive punch.
As not only do they have the mechanic of "Stun" much like the maces but they also literally have a lot of "Punch" like the knockback... not like a fist... nevermind, forget it. However, like any balanced weapon it has a drawback, this one being a Cooldown mechanic that can make fighting with the flail irrationally quite backfiring, and considering that it is the most expensive Weapon type in the mod, that is not recommendable.

Before we get into that, here are their stats:

  • Same Damage as a Vanilla Axe
  • Their Max Range is approx. 5 blocks
  • Their Knockback is equal to Punch I
  • Has exactly 250 more Durability than a Sword
  • Has the mechanic of "Stun" but the durability is doubled compared to the one of a Mace made out of the same material

New mechanic: Retract

This mechanic brings complexity to the weapon as not respecting it penalizes the player. What "Retract" exactly does is that it adds a cooldown every time you use the Flail. During this time, you will only have on your hand the handle of your flail making yourself very vulnerable to other attacks, as you will not be able to fight back until the ball of your flail returns to you, this cooldown lasts for about 1.5 seconds.
Now the most important thing about the mechanic and possibly the Flail as a weapon is that you DO NOT switch to another item in your Hotbar, until the Ball of the Flail returns to you, otherwise the chain of the Flail will break and you will only have the Handle in your hand until you repair it by adding the same material of your Flail in a Smithing Table.
But considering this weapon is so expensive I don't recommend it.
So my advice is, that during combat you stay focused and cool-headed.

The "Stun" and the knockback will allow you to have the pacing of the battle.
Right after throwing the flail at your enemy, no matter what happens, wait for the cooldown to end and once you have the whole Flail in your hand again, switch to the item you need.

You will need great skill and wits to master this weapon, but once you do, no one will stand in your way, except Endermans... you better use a different weapon against them.


To further reiterate the point, here we have 2 examples of how to use correctly and incorrectly the Flail with the "Retract" Mechanic.

Smithing Table Recipe:

And with that, we have concluded talking about every single usable item in the game, now it's time we talk about the wearable items in the game. That's right, let's begin to talk about all the new and varied:



Finally, we will talk about the biggest and meanest ranged Weapon in the entire mod, the undetectable and lethal:

The only thing in common that the Longbow and the Vanilla bow have is the name, well also that both use Vanilla arrows but that is where the similarities end. The Longbow is not only a re-textured Bow, as it is quite a different weapon with a different function. Largely because of its unique mechanic which makes it the purest definition of a "ranged weapon" in the entire mod.
As always we will check the stats first before explaining the new mechanic more thoroughly, as they're quite a sight. Honestly, they should be, considering the Longbow is quite more costly than its smaller counterpart:

  • Double the Damage of a Vanilla Bow
  • Their Max Range is approx. double the distance of a Vanilla Bow (around 104 blocks)
  • Their Knockback is equal to Punch I
  • Has exactly 277 more Durability than a Bow

New mechanic: Absolute Focus

"Absolute Focus" is a powerful but laborious mechanic that makes the greatest difference between the Bow and the Longbow. What it does is that every time the Longbow is used the user will become unable to move for about 3.5 seconds but in exchange for that, you will have a Zoom-in in your view to successfully make your shot more precise. After this, the Longbow will have a cooldown where it is unusable for 2.5 seconds.
So in essence the Longbow is like a sniper weapon, allowing you to hit your target with deadly force and exactness from a great distance.
The downside is that while you're on Absolute Focus you will be unable to move, making the Weapon problematic when fighting at closer distances.
Another thing that needs to be said is that you can't use absolute focus while riding a Mount. So in exchange for great accuracy and force, you give all of your movement.
So remember, professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient.


So now we have seen a lot of the Offensive department so let's switch it up a little bit and talk about the neat and new Defensive Items, there aren't too many variations but they could become vital for the triumph in your next battle, so here we have:

Defensive Items:

As previously said, there are only 3 different items in the entire mod that provide Self-Defense.
I mean technically speaking every piece of armor would also count as an article of Self-Defense but I am talking more in the sense of an actual object that you need to use to guard yourself, not a covering that you wear carelessly and that you pray to be tough enough to resist the damage.
We have already talked about the Gauntlets but the following 2 are made purely for protection. The First ones are the basic but improved:


Just as you would imagine, this Shields almost identically to the Vanilla Shield, the only difference being in the Defensive mechanic, we will talk more thoroughly about the subject in a little bit. Just know that equally to the new variations of the Vanilla Sword with every material, the durability of the Shield is improved.

New mechanic: Shield Up!

Now before we continue, a minor but also vital detail that needs to be said is that the mechanic of: "Shields Up" can only proc, when you have the Shield in your Off-Hand else the mechanic won't work, and therefore the Shield either.
"Shields Up" is the defensive stance of the Shield. If you right-click once, the Shield will automatically swap to its defensive stance, making you impervious to damage, the same as the stance of the Gauntlets. However, unlike that one, the Shield stance lasts 3 seconds while also giving you Slowness V.

It may sound like a lot but it's the same amount of Slowness that the Vanilla Shield gives you.


Smithing Table Recipe:

Well we got the tall and typical Shields out of the way, but there is one more type of Shields that the mod contains, the more compact but nimbler:

Small Shields:

Now, I imagine that most of you already figured out what are the differences between the Shields and the Small Shields based on the previous adjectives that described them.

But in case you didn't you just need to take a brief look at their stats, to catch the idea:

  • They have quite less durability than the Shields
  • They also have the "Shield Up!" mechanic and it almost works the same way as the one of the Shields, the only difference being that the Small Shield Defensive stance lasts 2 seconds but to compensate for this the user only gets Slowness I during the stance


Smithing Table Recipe:

The last thing that needs to be said about the three types of Shields (including the Gauntlets) is that they apply the effects of the Blazing Steel and the Nether Star, just in a different way.

Instead of applying the effects by hitting someone, the enemy gets affected by hitting the Shield in their defensive stance, so let's talk more about the interaction of the 3 types of Defensive Items with both materials:

  • Blazing Steel: When an enemy's attack is blocked by a Defensive Item, the enemy gets the effect of Firebrand for 4 seconds, even if it was a ranged attack!
  • Nether Star: If an enemy attacks your upgraded Defensive Item, the enemy will be affected by Holiness. Now Holiness on the Defensive Items works differently, as instead of doing damage Holiness will make the Defensive Item do a Thunderous sound giving the "Stun" effect to the enemy for about 4 seconds, something that needs to be made clear is that Holiness still only affect creatures of evil nature.

And with that, we have finished the 2 types of Defensive items in the mod. Coming up, we will talk about some items that are made to assist you in combat in different ways.

Some of them can be used to help you to get out of a losing fight, these miscellaneous items are the:

Combat Tools:

It's a little bit complicated to define these items as all of them have different functions and are useful for different situations. But the general idea is that they are items that grant you an advantage against your enemies but you will need to be resourceful and clever to use them properly. I know am being ambiguous so let me explain them fully one by one.

First, let's talk about the short-fused and volatile:

Combat Explosives:

Many will think that Explosives can't be used for anything else than blowing someone to smithereens but you would be wrong.
Every single one of these 3 variations of Bombs has a different function and not all of them can be used for violent intent.
Now obviously, they have some characteristics in common that differentiate them from the Vanilla TNT.
First, you don't need a flint and steel to activate them, as their clock starts ticking instantly once you place them down, secondly, they have a shorter fuse, as it only takes them 2 seconds to explode after being activated, and just as you would imagine once the Bombs are activated they get physics, such as gravity.
Now that we have their general concept, let's start naming their differences, beginning with the classic and cartoonish:


To no one's surprise, the only function of the typical Bomb is blowing people up, and let me be clear only people.
You see the Bomb only has half of the exploding power compared to the TNT, meaning that it shouldn't be used to break blocks. However, it's not advisable to underestimate the power of the Bomb, as a well-placed explosion can one-shot most opponents. The Bomb can be a great tool, to diminish and truly hurt a large sum of enemies at the same time plus if you consider the general characteristics of the Bomb, you can imagine they can be used much more easily for combat than the Vanilla TNT.


After that, we continue with the small but spicy:

Fire Bomb:

I mean, it has a very descriptive name, I can imagine most people can figure out what it does but in case there's any doubt.
When the Fire Bomb explodes, it doesn't destroy blocks, instead, it leaves behind in an area of 3x3x1, 5 Fire blocks making an "X" Pattern.

The main use of the Fire Bomb is to cripple and debilitate a group of enemies by burning them but use this Bomb with extreme caution as it can backfire quite easily.


Finalizing the explosives, we will talk about the most experimental and curious of the 3, the efficient and confuse-making:

Smoke Bomb:

Again, very descriptive name but I feel that in this case, I do need to explain a little bit about the function of this one.
Much like in real life, the Smoke Bomb is a diversion tool, much more useful to help you get out of combat rather than assisting you in fighting one. What it exactly does is that, when it explodes, it leaves behind in an area of 3x3x2, 10 Smoke blocks making an "X" Pattern.

Let me get into a little bit of detail about what exactly the Smoke Block is:


Smoke Block:

These blocks have one function only, and that one is that they give you time. In a couple of words, the Smoke block is like a temporary Vanilla Cobweb, if any mob gets inside it, they will be slowed down, however one needs to make it worth every second of that precious time as the Smoke Blocks disappear after 5 seconds of spawning.
In conclusion, the Smoke Bomb is a Defensive Tool for losing fights or giving yourself a little bit of time to recuperate.

Finishing the Combat Tools, we will talk about the first and only combat tool of the mod before the update, the outstanding and gladiatorial:

Retiarius Net:

Vanilla Armors:

Many will wonder why a category for the "new" armor of the mod is called the "Vanilla ones".
To put it simply, this category has 2 sets of armor that are (but they can't be crafted) or that they should be (but they aren't) in Vanilla Minecraft.

These 2 armors are the Many will wonder why a category for the "new" armor of the mod is called the "Vanilla ones".
To put it simply, this category has 2 sets of armor that are (but they can't be crafted) or that they should be (but they aren't) in Vanilla Minecraft.
These 2 armors are the:

Chainmail Armor:

Full set of Turtle Armor:

I don't seriously understand (as do a lot of people) why exactly there isn't a complete Set of Turtle Armor in the game but don't worry, Many Different Weapons solves that small issue by finally adding it.
If you have ever tried to make the helmet, you can get the idea that the full set of Turtle Armor is quite the time-waster and if you judge the Armor set, purely based on its stats, you may think that it is not worth it, however, you would be wrong.
Once you are wearing the full set (including the vanilla helmet), your patience and tenacity will be greatly recompensed as you will get 2 extra status effects once you are underwater, besides the one of the Turtle Shell.
These extra Status Effects are Dolphin's Grace and Resistance I.
With these Effects and the protection of the armor itself, you will be one tough water warrior.
Besides, the armor makes you look like a skating turtle.

Now that's just radical, dude!


Right after those, we will proceed with the next category of Armor, which is also the reason for the existence of the Chainmail Armor Recipe, the upgraded and tough-looking:

Reinforced Armors:

Are you one of those players who prefer using Gold or Leather armor because of their "fun" factor rather than using the repetitive Iron or the vastly superior Diamond and Netherite Armor? No? Just me?
Oh well, regardless if you ever had the thought of experimenting a little bit more with these types of armor, then you are finally able to do it, introducing the Reinforced Armor.
I always found it a little bit odd, that the only armor that can get upgraded is the Diamond Armor with the Netherite.
Now, thanks to the mod you can upgrade the 3 other Vanilla Armors, thanks to the Chainmail Armor, every reinforced version has increased durability, more defenses, and even in some cases, some added Armor Toughness but we will get into the stats in a little bit.

For the price of a Smithing Table and a full set of Chainmail Armor, I would consider it an absolute deal.

Reinforced Leather Armor:

The only extra detail that can be said about the types of Armor is that the Leather Armor keeps its only defining trait in its Reinforced version, that being its Dyeable characteristic.
Even though you can't combine colors, you are still able to dye it of all the 15 varied colors of Vanilla Minecraft (excluding the Brown dye because... well, you know, leather...).

So go ahead and look stylish for your next fight.


Dyeing Recipes:

Reinforced Gold Armor and Reinforced Iron Armor:

The only difference between these 2 and the Reinforced Leather Armor is that they have more defense, more durability, and both of these have a little bit of Armor Toughness.

So hey, good news, now you can make a Set of Golden Armor that doesn't completely stink.


To conclude the Armors, we will talk about the type of Armor that exists to no ones surprise, the obvious but exciting:

Material Armors:

Not much to say about this category, I think the subject is pretty crystal clear, the difference between all the Armor Sets is their look and their stats.
However, right before we get into that, I will just explain the unique effects of the Armor Sets of both Blazing Steel and the Nether Star.

Steel Armor:


Obsidian Armor:

Blazing Steel Armor:


To the surprise of no one, the Blazing Steel Armor does what everything does with this material: Inflict the "Firebrand" effect on people, in this case, the effect is applied to anyone who hurts the user of the full set of Blazing Steel Armor, from close range combat or from afar. The effect lasts for about 4 seconds.

Emerald Armor:

End Diamond Armor:


Celestial Star Armor:


Oh boy, oh boy, here we have the most powerful and most expensive group of items in the entire mod: The Celestial Star Armor Set. The Million dollar question for many is, is it worth all the trouble? For me, the answer is: yes.
Not only do you obtain the most robust and dominant Armor in the entire mod but let's not forget the effect of all the Nether Star Items, Holiness.
Now Holiness in the Armor Set works differently from the rest of the Celestial Star inventory, as what it exactly does is unique and functional.
What Holiness does is harness during the Sunset the energy of the Moon and the Stars and it transmits it to the user of the Armor, giving 2 status effects, one of them being "Glowing" but most importantly, the exclusive and unused Status Effect of "Health Boost" at Level 5, in shorter words:
During the Night, the user of the Armor gets an Extra bar of maximum Health, making exploring the Night much safe.

Both effects last during the entire night and will wear off until the Sun rises.

So go ahead, take on the challenge of the Celestial Stars and make your foes fear the Night.

Now, that you know their special traits and you know how they look, its time to finally talk about their raw characteristics in the following:

Now I bet most of you didn't read the entire mess that it's up there (don't worry, I don't blame you, it's way too much information than anyone can handle).
But in case you did, I am nothing but astonished that someone found my mod so interesting. If you are one of those people I just want to deeply thank you for liking my mod so much, for being so invested in it, and congratulations, you have all the knowledge that exists about the updated "Many Different Weapons: The Art of War" mod.

Now, become a powerful warrior that will be fully prepared for any situation and any foe.
But like always, in case you missed anything of the mod, here is a quick recap:

All the content in the mod:

Close-Combat Weapons:


Stats Charts:

Inside the charts, you can see the 3 Stats of All the Armors (both in the Mod and in the Vanilla game) compared to one another, so you can have a better idea of where they are stronger, weaker, or equal among them.

Going in order from worst to best.

Congratulations, if you have made it this far, it means that you finally read the information about every single new Item in the mod. Now we will begin to talk about all the things you can't grab but can obtain, beginning with the upgrades of said items, which you probably know better as the:

New Enchantments:

Now before we begin, it's important to know that the main purpose of the new enchantments is to substitute the Vanilla ones for the 3 Close-Combat Weapons types that can't sweep attack, so in essence, all of them are very similar to one another (almost identical really).

Now, don't worry, the rest of the Close-Combat Weapons are simply able to gain all the Vanilla Sword Enchantments.

In the table below, you will obtain all the information you need to know about these new Enchantments:

Here we are, on the final stretch of the race, we have already explained most of the content in the mod, so now we will just talk about the challenges that the mod has to offer for the completionists out there.

We can also call them the:

New Advancements:

In the following table, you will be able to see the name, their icon, and the actual requirements to complete each advancement.
By Minecraft Vanilla terms, there is 1 advancement, 18 goals, and 1 challenge.
So let's go from the easiest goal to the hardest challenge, shall we?

So, before we do the final general recap and you can read the very first Trivia of the King, it's time for me to give you the CHEATER CHEAT for the very first ER PUMPKIN   inside of one of my mods.

Bet most of you are gonna EATER DONT CHE by having AT I GOT YOU HAHAHAHA, a monkey can dream, right?


Now if you are still here and want to have a little fun reading some interesting facts on the conceptualization of the mod or just about the mod's subject in general, you are welcome to read the first ever:

Ranged Weapons:

Defensive Items:

Combat Tools:

And that's it, if you read the entire page, so again thank you so much for being so invested in the mod.
Now, you're ready to go ahead download it and enjoy it.
I would love to hear your opinions about it.
So get out there and become the Bringer of War.

  • This mod was inspired by many mods, both old and new, including Balkon's Weapon by BalkondeurAlpha, Varied Commodities by Noppes_ and Spartan Weaponry by ObliviousSpartan.
  • Although it is considered in popular culture as a weapon of the Middle Ages, many recent studies have concluded that the "Flail" wasn't a real weapon.
  • At some point, it was planned that the mod would add new versions of the Trident, but due to some technical difficulties during the making of the mod, the concept was modified to be a weapon without durability becoming in the end the Tomahawk Axes.
  • The design of the Netherite Mace was inspired by the design of the mace of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.
    For more information on the subject, check this article:
  • The concept that Steel can be upgraded to Blazing Steel comes from the fact that in real life, Stainless Steel is considered one of the most useful Metals for high temperatures applications.
  • Tomahawk Axes are slightly different from normal hatchets, as they have less weight on them and their shaft is more straight.
  • The colors of the Fire Bombs are based on the colors of the Pierce Bombs from the Bomberman games.
  • The Sound of the Bombs getting primed comes from the Looney Tunes Cartoons.
  • Many of the names of the advancements are based on quotes from various writers, and fictional characters, one is based on the quote of a philosopher, while there is another one based on a quote of a president.
King's Trivia: