Title says it all:

Many Different Weapons adds 5 new different types of weapons, a new ranged weapon, 4 new armors, a new material and some cool perks.

Everything is craftable and everything will be explained in this page, so without further ado. Lets begin!


Before we get into the recipes and the new armors, I will begin explaining the new materials that you are able to use in order to craft pretty much everything that the mod contains. The order will be ranked from the most ineffective material to the most effective material.

Starting out with the brand new, craftable material:


Now, there are 5 new different types of weapons, some of them are built for different types of situations, while other are made for different ways of combat.

Every weapon type, can be crafted with all the vanilla and modded materials of the mod: Wood (any type), Gold, Stone, Iron, Steel, Diamond, Obsidian and Emerald

So let's begin the ranking. Starting out by making clear, that there are new:


Speaking of basic and standard, the next weapon are basically an esthetic change (A cool one in that) to the vanilla sword, they cost and work basically the same, only the recipe changes, they are the:

Steel is basically an upgrade to Iron but a rather effective one. Steel has the effectiveness (damage in weapons and defense in armor) of Diamond, however it doesn't have the durability of it. In fact it only has doubled the durability of Iron, the recipe is a little expensive as it requires some coal, however coal is the most common ore in the game so potayto, potahto I guess.


Next up, the second most effective material, you know it, you hate to mine it, it's:


Let's make it clear, Obsidian is annoying to obtain. Not only do you need a Diamond Pickaxe but you also need to wait forever to be able to mine it.

However, it's worth the wait as the effectiveness of Obsidian is even better than Diamond, as it has slightly better damage and durability in the weapons and slightly better defenses in the armor but we will get into the details in a bit.

Last but not least, the best material in the mod, green as grass and shinier than Diamond, it's:


Tired of giving one of the most rare ores to those greedy, big headed buffoons for one block of black wool? How about you use it to craft powerfull weapons and a powerfull set of armor.

Emerald weapons and emerald armor are better than the obsidian ones, making you one green, shining, killing machine.

Now that the materials are out of the way, the moment you have all been waiting for: The new Many different weapons.

Weapon Types:

 Same and as basic as the standard weapon of vanilla Minecraft, but with every material, they have more durability and more damage.




Now that, those are out of the way, we get into the good stuff. Beginning with the weakest type of new weapon, however in dire times, they can be a good alternative for normal Swords as they are the cheapest type of weapon in the mod, they are the:

Short Swords:

 Short Swords are the first weapon type with some specific traits, these ones are:

  • They have 1/4 extra the attack speed than a normal Sword
  • They have 1/4 less the durability for a normal sword
  • And they have 1/2 heart weaker than a normal sword
  • Unable to sweep attack




And with that we conclude the cheap or affordable weapon types of the mod. Now we are going to introduce the heavy hitters, starting with the skull shaking and powerfull:


 Short Swords are not that great, but relax. We are only getting started.

Coming up, the quickest weapon of the mod, offering a different type of combat, introducing the:

Rapiers are not better or worse than a sword, they are simply different.

By having less attack cooldown, you are able to hit more times with full force, but as always there is a catch. Their characteristics are:

  • Double the attack speed of a normal sword
  • Same durability as a normal sword
  • 1/2 heart less of damage than a normal sword
  • Unable to sweep attack

Maces are great weapons as they have the most unique mechanic of all the weapon types, they are expensive to make, but they are absolutely worth the cost. Their traits are:

  • Same damage as a normal axe
  • The durability of a normal sword
  • The attack speed of a normal sword
  • Able to sweep attack
  • NEW MECHANIC- Stun: Everytime you hit a mob with a mace, that mob will be unable to move for a brief period of time however they are still able to attack. With every better material the stun lasts longer.


Battle Axes:


And at last, we have concluded explaining and understanding all the new different types of weapons, but don't worry there is quite a few things left in the mod to explain.


Finally here we are, the introducing the final weapon type, the most expensive one as well as the most deadly one, the head choppers, the magnificent:

Like previously said, Battle Axes are the strongest weapons in the mod, they are difficult to make but every mob at sight will fear your presence at the sight of this weapon, their characteristic are:

  • 1/2 heart stronger than a normal axe
  • More attack speed than a normal axe
  • Double the durability of a normal sword
Other Weapons:

We shall begin by introducing the new ranged weapon that the mod adds and a new very particular fighting tool.

For all those troublemakers out there, allow me to introduce to you an alternative to the bow, the sometimes childish but effective:


Retiarius Net:


 Something that has to be made clear from the get go is, that the Slingshot makes quite less damage than a normal bow, also the Slingshot as of now, can't be enchanted.

  • However this weakness of the Slingshot is compensated by almost having double the durability of a typical bow.

The Chainmail Armor:

 Now, I know that a lot of you are having your doubts about the slingshot, not only because of the concept itself but also because the recipe is a little bit more expensive than the bow, however the Slingshot has 2 perks that are superior to it's contender: the bow.

  • First of all, the ammo: Admit it, arrows are not easy to obtain, not only do you need flint but you also need feathers of chickens and unless you have a farm of them, it's not gonna be easy making a sustainable source of feathers, and let's just say that finding the "Infinity" enchantment is not very practical. The Slingshot doesn't have to worry about any of that, as getting it's ammo is as easy as can get, for the ammo of the slingshot are: pebbles.

Well that's all about our new, preculiar, ranged weapon, but now we are going to introduce an even stranger but effective weapon tool, the usefull and tricky to use:

Coming all the way from the ancient Roman colosseum, the Retiarius Net is a particular tool, that give you an advantage towards your opponent by slowing him while inside it.

Now the tricky part is that you can get stuck on your Retiarius Net, if that's the case not to worry you are able to break it with ease, even with your own hand. The Retiarius Net do require some quick thinking while your fighting, for it also has gravity (such as gravel or sand) so you can be able make your own traps, to catch an enemy off-guard.

And that's it, we have finally finished every single combat related item in the mod, so before we wrap it up, let's talk about the new shiny armors that you are able to craft.

Before we begin talking about the new armors, let's talk about an old and forgettable one, one that many don't even remember that it even exists for it doesn't have a recipe... until now. Introducing the revival of the:

In case you don't know, Chainmail armor is weaker than Iron but stronger than Gold, however it has as much durability as Iron, to be able to craft this simple but effective armor, you're going to require a new item, which is quite cheap to make: Iron Link



The Reinforced Iron Armor:

After you make Iron Links, the armor recipe is same as always: 

Reinforced Iron is quite a decent option in the armor department, as it is quite an upgrade to the Iron armor, characteristics are as follows:

  • Same defense as diamond armor
  • No armor toughness
  • More durability than Iron

Now many of you will wonder, why on Jeb's green earth would you craft something that's even worse than Iron, the answer is, because Chainmail armor is an ingredient to make an armor that's better than Iron, introducing Iron armor's bulky brother the:

The recipes are as follows: (order does matter, though probably in the future it won't)


Lastly, the 3 final armors are ranked the same way in their effectiveness as their materials.

However here are the characteristics of the 3, for the curious ones in the details out there:

Steel Armor:

Obsidian Armor:


  • More defense than diamond armor
  • Same armor toughness as diamond armor
  • A little bit more durability than diamond armor


Emerald Armor:


  • Same defense as diamond armor
  • Less Armor toughness as diamond armor
  • More durability than reinforced iron, less than diamond armor


And there you go, that is all the content in "Many Different Weapons Mod" as of now.

So in case you missed anything, here are all the items in the mod right now:



  • More defense than obsidian armor
  • More armor toughness than obsidian armor
  • A little more durability than obsidian armor
All the content in the mod:

Weapons and Others:

And that's it, if you read the entire page, thank you for being so interested in the mod, now you're ready to go ahead, download it and enjoy it. I would love to hear your opinions about it.

So get out there and start pummeling everyone in your way.

In Future Update:







-Long Swords


-Morning Stars

-Boxing Gloves?

-More Armors

-More Materials

-New Shields

Bugs to fix:

-Making Short Swords, Rapiers and Battle Axes actually enchantable

-Fixing the order of the 3 creative tabs of the mod

-Fixing the size of the Retiarius Net while being on the hand

-Making the numbers of durability on the Short Swords, Rapiers and Battle Axes a little bit more understandable.

-Make Retiarius Net not stackable

Future Additions: