I just realized I made pretty descriptive titles for my mods... huh...

Anyway, after some time it is finally here, my latest project: Peculiar and Useful Treasures.

This mod has one simple goal in mind, to make the vanilla dungeons of Minecraft more rewarding and therefore more exciting and fun.

What the mod does is that it adds 30 different treasures, each and everyone of them has a use for specific scenarios.

Everything in the mod will be explained in this page, so as always without further ado. Lets begin!

1-Hydra Block:

Now don't feel disappointed if you get this in your next adventure, it's not the handbag what matters it's what's inside for it is the one, the physics defier:

To begin this list, let's talk about one of the treasures that have a simpler but usefull function. The Hydra Block in essence is just an infinite block, as long as there is one Hydra Block, when you break it 2 shall take its place, the only way to stop the duplication is by throwing it in the fire, or even a cactus will do the job.

Description: "If you break one block, two more shall rise. Only fire can stop the duplication. Or you know... a cactus..."

Recipe (Shapeless):

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As of right now, the mod has a very weird bug that I couldn't fix, if you try to craft The Homerunner with your 2x2 inventory crafting grid, make sure you don't craft it with shift+ left click because by doing so you will get The Homerunner without it's enchantment and you won't be able to put it back. If you craft it any other way, you will be fine.

Here they are, the 2 pieces of the puzzle. When separated, they are even more useless than a poisonous potato but when combined they make up the greatest weapon in the entire mod, the one, the mythical:

I assure you that you will not encounter a more powerfull and usefull music instrument than this one and it's fellow brother, but we will talk more about him later on.

The Sun waker has the simple function of making the sun rise again in the dawn, so it means that potentially if you choose to, you could live in daylight for the rest of your days. The only catch is that you can only use it once per day, if you wanna use it again you have to wait until night comes again.

As deadly as it is weirdly named, the Bookstabbing Fang is a peculiar and powerfull weapon, where a single cut can be deadly to any poor victim that suffers its deadly poison.

It can be a great weapon to weaken any foe but be carefull as it is quite easy to break.

How does it work:

-A Quartz Shoebox

2- The Eye of the One-Eyed Shepherd

Now if you think that this is nothing more than a creepy looking block, you would be almost right.

The Eye of the One-Eyed Shepherd however has one special feature that really makes him stand above others, it is also the brightest block you will ever meet, for it can illuminate as much radius as 3 glowstone blocks combined.

So if you want to gross out your friends and also light up your living room, then this is the perfect treasure for you.

Description: "Always open, always watching..."

3- Bone Stone

Description: "Ancient farmers created the perfect bone pulverizing tool."

Another one of the treasures of simpler functions, the Bone Stone essentially is an item that when used with bonemeal can create the triple of bone meal that you would get by just breaking it with your bare hands. If you're the type of farmer who would really like to amplify his crops, then this treasure will surely help you with the task at hand.

4- The Crying Cannon

Description: "A small, sinister, stone statue of a hellish and whiny creature."

It may not look like it, but the Crying Cannon is a destructive and ruthless weapon, for every shot blast of it will demolish blocks and enemies alike and if you're not carefull even yourself.

The only real downside of it, is it's ammo for it is the expensive and often forgotten: Fire Charge. So if you don't want to suffer the hassle of fighting a lot of blazes, you better get your gold out to barter with the piglins. It may be a pain getting its ammo but believe me, it will be worth it.


5- The Elf's Glove

Description: "It once belonged to a race of northern creatures. Who were prodigies in the art of snowball fights and present making."


Be honest with yourself, when you began to play this game, weren't you a little disappointed that snowballs and snow golems didn't do anything at all? Was it just me?...

Anyway the Elf's Glove is a weapon that turns the harmless snowballs into lethal projectiles that are able to defeat almost every enemy in 2 or 3 shots. Give them a snowball fight they will never forget.

A Mysterious Handbag:

Description: “Wonder what's inside it…”

6- The Homerunner

Description: "It has a small inscription carved on the wood only saying: "Knock them out of the park."

The Knockback enchantment is a fun and even sometimes useful one, but let's face it, sometimes it feels like it lacks a little... punch.

Well the Homerunner is the answer to that, as what it lacks in damage, it absolutely compensates in knockback. Wanna punch your enemies so hard that you send them flying?

Then the Homerunner is here to fulfill that very specific dream. Batter Up!

Recipe (Shapeless):

7- The Shell City Helmet

Description: "Just a rusty ol' scuba helmet, though you bet it could be pretty creepy to look at from the perspective of the common sea life."

Exploring the oceans could be a lot of fun, if it wasn't for a small, tiny little detail that makes the entire experience such a pain, the lack of air.

Well with this treasure that will be a thing of the past, as it grants unending water breathing (as long as you know, you are wearing it). Are ya ready to explore the ocean's structures with a lot more ease? I can't hear you!

8/9- The Handle of Magnum Opus and The Blade of Magnum Opus

Descriptions: "One of the two pieces of an ancient legendary weapon. Great power would fall in the hands of those who would reassemble the weapon."

The Magnum Opus

Description: "Once thought to be lost, after one glorious combat with another weapon. The Magnum Opus is a relic of legend.

Ready to be crowned once again the one weapon to rule them all."

If you manage by some force of nature, are able to reassemble the mythical Magnum Opus you will be in for a treat, the Magnum Opus has a ridiculous amount of damage, it is enchanted and just put the icing on the cake, it is absolutely indestructible, it can't even be destroyed with lava. Enjoy the weapon of kings, adventurer.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As of right now, the mod has a very weird bug that I couldn't fix, if you try to craft The Magnum Opus with your 2x2 inventory crafting grid, make sure you don't craft it with shift+ left click because by doing so you will get The Magnum Opus without it's enchantment and you won't be able to put it back. If you craft it any other way, you will be fine.

10- The Broken Breaker

Description: "Once the mightiest weapon to ever exist but after a mythical duel with another weapon, it became shattered beyond repair. Though almost destroyed, it still looks like it can kill one last time."

What if I told you that there is a weapon, better said what's left of a weapon, which is strong enough to kill anything, like you name it and it can kill it. The name of such a weapon is the Broken Breaker. But it has as everything, a catch:

The weapon is so damaged that one more hit would be able to shatter the weapon into millions of pieces, so pick wisely the target that deserves the strength of your slaughterous rage.

11- The Troglodyte´s Precious

Description: "There are markings, it's some form of elvish, you can't read it. But don't feel bad, there are few who can."

The world has changed and with this treasure at hand you will be able to explore it more safely. The Troglodyte’s Precious allows the user to become invisible for a good amount of time. But use it wisely as once you use it, you won't be able to use it again until the invisibility wears off.

As a wise man once said: "There are many magic rings in this world and none of them should be used lightly."

12- The Cornucopia

Description: "A sacred artifact, able to create an unending supply of produce. However, one most know that the food is unending but the horn itself is not..."

Now this one is a very peculiar treasure among all others as it is one of the few that are specifically made to be related to food.

The Cornucopia gives the user many different types of vanilla Minecraft vegetables, fruits, seeds and in some rare occasions golden food like carrots, apples and even enchanted golden apples.

However every time it is used it loses durability and if one does not take care of it, it will break. So as with many other treasures, use it wisely.

13- The Volcanic Belt

Description: "Legend tells that this mysterious object was forged in the heart of an active volcano.

Making it have the protection of the earth's core."

So how exactly does a belt protect you from bursting into flames or getting melted? Good question, no real answer but that's exactly what it does.

The Volcanic Belt grants you Fire Resistance, just like the Shell City Helmet it only does it as long as you are wearing it. So take a warm dive into some lava if you want... just remember to wear your safety belt.

14- The Key of Life

Description: "A relic of an ancient civilization, some say that it has the power of healing a soul."

I said it once and I'll say it again, Totems of Undying are really difficult to obtain, now in 1.16.5 it is a little "easier" because you are probably gonna get one in a raid, however it is still hard as can be to get one.

Now getting the Key of Life in your next adventure might be difficult but it will heal you as much as a Totem of Undying and it has durability so you will be able to use it multiple times.

However it has a cooldown, so after using it, you won't be able to do it again for a little while.

But with this in hand or your off-hand, you will be ready to take on the hardest challenges.

15- The Sun Waker

Description: "A small wooden instrument, with the power of awakening the glorious star of the sky."

16- The Cape of Steel

Description: "Believe it or not, it once was the baby blanket of a powerful being that came from the sky.

That could explain the smell..."

Though smelly, the cape of steel is extremely usefull as while wearing it, you will get quite a lot of jump boost, so you will be able to climb the hardest of mountains, escape the deepest of holes and avoid the most annoying of deep forests.

Up, up and away!

17- The Hand of the Greedy King

Description: "The severed hand of a cursed king, who ambitioned that his kingdom was the shiniest of them all."

Be honest with yourself, wouldn't you want to be able to use the metal blocks for decoration more often for your fancy constructions? If there was a way of making it easier than mining like crazy to get all those metal blocks...

Oh wait there is, the Hand of the Greedy King is a very special type of treasure because it has one function, when you right click anything but not anyone, it will turn it into a gold block, that means that this treasure is extremely usefull for bartering with Piglins but remember when I say that this will turn anything into gold, I do mean anything.

18- The Moon Waker

Description: "A small wooden instrument, with the power of summoning the blue shiner and her mantle of darkness."

Well we talked a little about it, but here it is. The other half of the music celestial instruments cycle: the Moon Waker.

The Moon Waker works exactly the same as its brother, but instead of calling the sun, it calls for the moon, it works on the same rules as well, as you can only use it once per half of an entire day. You have to wait for the sun to rise to call the moon once more.

19- The Miner's Craft

Description: "A legendary pickaxe, forged out of various resources, a true master's craft was created."

If you enjoy mining, you know that pickaxes break surprisingly fast, more if you do it with a strategy like branch mining, shaft mining or quarry mining.

If you truly enjoy getting a lot of ores then the Miner's Craft is for you.

It is the sum of its parts, it breaks blocks as diamond, fast as gold and it's indestructible. Now that's a miner's dream come true.

20- The Bookstabbing Fang

Description: "A very odd name for such a deadly fang. It is said that a murderous monster lost it while fighting a wizard."

 21-The Vampire Sword

Description: "An ancient sword that has the blessing of giving its wielder the life that it takes. But at what cost?..."

What a pompous and pretentious weapon design... Yep, it's definitely the weapon of a vampire.

The Vampire Sword, just like the ones who made it, is a cursed weapon that takes the life of anyone unfortunate enough to taste its blade to restore the health of its wielder.

Meaning that potentially speaking this weapon might be one of the best in a combat of one against many.

So, ready for a midnight snack?

22- The Enderclam

Description: "A strange colored clam, unlike any you have seen before. It doesn't look like it came from any known sea."

A clam from the End? Is there even a sea in the End? Or sand? So many questions...

Well one answer that you have for sure, it's that the Enderclam is quite a usefull treasure. As long as you have a block of sand, if you right-click the clam on your hand, it will give you in return an ender pearl.

You will have to wait for a while to make sure that it is ready to make another ender pearl.

But its definetly better than looking for a fight with a lot of endermen.

23- The Magical Oven

Description: "A cute, colored oven that provides food out of almost nothing. A little too cute if you're honest..."

I think we can all agree that Cakes are the worst food in all of Minecraft. They don't give much hunger, they don't give any saturation and they are the most elaborated meal that you can craft in the entire game.

What this cute/ weird looking oven does is that it solves half of the problems of the cake as a food source, as it will magically transform dirt blocks into Cakes. The only downside is that: the fuel of the oven is lapis lazuli.

So in case you have lapis to spare and want to make something worth out of those dirt stacks that you have on your chests. Then the Magical Oven is here to solve your problems.

Still the question remains: How does the oven work? What type of magic gets it going? Meh, who knows.

24- The Pecs of Barbarian

Description: "While wearing this, you will be able to crush your enemies, see them driven before you.."

I honestly have no tongue for it, I mean they are made of foam, they can’t actually make you stronger, right? Well ironically they actually do! The Pecs of the Barbarian grants the user strength while wearing it.

Nothing like fighting and winning a fight with your bare hands.

Now that's what's best in life.

25- The Bottomless Hat

Description: "A very large and over the top hat. It looks like something you would see in a magic show"

It may look like a regular, ugly, colored hat but this treasure has a trick up its sleeve.

For it is everything but ordinary, it actually is one of the blocks with deeper inventory that you will find out there. It has enough space to be similar to 3 large chests.

So put everything important and unimportant in the hat, there is room to spare.

However the Bottomless Hat will not hold the items if you break it, so once you put stuff inside it, it's recommended to keep it in the same place.

26- The Monocle of Archimedes

Description: "Seems like an artifact that was created to tribute a wise master."

Now I don't know who was the designer of this but he surely didn't realize how silly looking this Monocle is.

I mean the glass is decorated as a yellow eyeball with an eyebrow...

That's just goofy design, regardless of the design the Monocle of Archimedes is quite usefull as it grants Night Vision for a certain period of time, even if it becomes useless for a short moment after that. It is still a pretty neat treasure.

27- The Pot of the Leprificate

Description: "It once belonged to a small, greedy and big nosed creature."

I said it once and ill say it again, Emeralds are very rare.

The Pot of the Leprificate solves this issue by spawning an emerald every 3 minutes, forever and ever. If you're able to make a system that picks the emeralds for you, you will be stacked with emeralds faster than you realize it.

Show those big-nosed villagers that you got the dough.

Description: "It's probably the fanciest shoe box you have ever seen."

Like all shoeboxes, what really matters is on the inside and the thing inside is, the legendary and awesome:

28- The Sandals of the Heavenly Messenger

Description:  "A pair of sandals made of golden thread with a pair of little wings at the end of each.

Whoever was the original owner, he clearly wasn't from this realm..."

Now from my personal opinion all in all, the Speed status effect is probably the least usefull and interesting buff. Except if you are able to push it beyond it's limit.

The Sandals of the Heavenly Messenger are made for the people who don't have or don't want to use their horse to travel long distances, besides that it has the biggest Feather Falling enchantment you will meet, meaning that you will be able to take the leap out of the biggest falls and you will be... mostly fine.

Gotta go fast!

Recipe (Shapeless):

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As of right now, the mod has a very weird bug that I couldn't fix, if you try to craft The Sandals of the Heavenly Messenger with your 2x2 inventory crafting grid, make sure you don't craft it with shift+ left click because by doing so you will get The Sandals of the Heavenly Messenger without it's enchantment and you won't be able to put it back. If you craft it any other way, you will be fine.

29- The Idol of Wellbeing

Description:  "A small statue that represents,the spirit of physical health. It is said that it can magically provide the liquid that cures all illness."

One of the most underrated and forgotten tools in Minecraft are the buckets of milk, they are able to cleanse any negative status effect that you could suffer like poison, wither and hunger.

Then again it's not very practical to bring a cow to every adventure you get yourself into and also in on itself the milk bucket is kind of a difficult item to carry around as it doesn't stack.

However the Idol of Wellbeing solves this problem, by being a treasure you are able to carry around and with one bucket you will be more than fine, you just need to place the Idol, right click it with an empty bucket on hand and it will fill out with some delicious and medical milk.

30- The Talisman of the Caveman

Description: "An artifact of another age, an age were only the resourcefull and the skilled survived.

While holding this, you can feel that ancient determination flowing through you."

And here we are in the end of the list, the final treasure and one of the most complex treasure based on their design and their function. The ancient and powerfull: The Talisman of the Caveman.

Explaining what it does, is a bit challenging considering that the only thing it does, is allow you to make a series of specific crafting recipes. Let's say that's what it is: a key.

What kind of recipes may you ask, simple: The cheap version of all the iron tools and armor recipes.

The sets of tools you will be using more often based on how effective and how difficult it is to get them, is and has always been the iron tools.

Then what if I told you, this treasure gives you tools that are equally effective to iron but way cheaper and not only that, you don't even need a crafting table, all you need is yourself and the Talisman of the Caveman, lets compare each and everyone of the Caveman tools.

 -Bone Club equal to the Iron Sword.


- Picking Stone is equal to the iron pickaxe.


-Prehistoric Axe is equal to the iron axe.



-Shoulder Blade Bone Shovel is equal to the iron shovel.

-Prehistoric Hoe is equal to the iron hoe.


Now before we get into the armor as a little bonus, you are able to craft a ranged weapon.

Definetly worse in many ways than the bow and arrow but hey it's a lot cheaper, so maybe in desperate times, you can rely on desperate measures. Meet the:

-Throwable Stone


And lastly:

-The Caveman Armor (Equal to Iron Armor).


As of now, Peculiar and Usefull Treasures doesn't appear in every single vanilla chest in Minecraft. Here is a little list, so you know in which type of structures you will be able to find the treasures:

In the Overworld:

- Abandoned Mineshaft: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

-Buried Treasure: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

- Desert Temple: Every chest draws a 0-2 stacks

- Jungle Temple: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

- Igloo: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

- Pillager Outpost: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

- Simple Dungeon: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

- Village Weaponsmith: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

-Woodland Mansion: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks


-Library, Storeroom and Altar: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks


-Supply and Treasure: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

In the Nether:

-Nether Fortress: Every chest draws a 1-2 stacks

In the End: (It doesn't even matter)

-End City: Every chest draws a 0-2 stacks

And there you go, that is all the content in "Peculiar and Usefull Treasures Mod" as of now.

So in case you missed anything, here are all the items in the mod right now:

All the content in the mod:

And that's it, if you read the entire article, thank you for being so interested in the mod, now you're ready to go ahead, download it and enjoy it. I would love to hear your opinions about it.

So get out there and find them all, enjoy your glorious bounties.

In Future update:

- Solve the crafting bug of Homerunner, Sandals of the Heavenly Messenger and Magnum Opus

Bugs to fix:
Future Addition:

- More Vanilla Structures to spawn in (Bastion Remnants and Ruined Portal)

-More Treasures