Once again title says it all:

Simple Vanilla Upgrades is a mod that has the goal of adding small tweaks to the basic (vanilla) game. The mod only adds 5 new items and 4 new armors however it also adds a bunch of usefull recipes and even some new smelting recipes that helps making the game a little less tedious.

The Vanilla Recipes:

So first off, we will begin talking about some of the most basic recipes that are added in the mod. Some are new recipes that I think should be in vanilla but I also added some that were even gonna be part of the original game but in the end were scrapped for one reason or another. We will go from easiest to most complicated recipe.

If you don't have the patience for finding those 3 diamonds in order to go to the Nether, then here's a little recipe for you.

Just as a personal recommendation: Don't try to use this for you's kinda of obvious.

I mean, you can craft wool with string so why can't you do it backwards? Maybe it's just me I don't know...

Small heads-up: This recipe only works with white wool.

If you are as unlucky as I am with World seeds, it can become quite a task finding Cacti, to solve this I added this little recipe.

Recipe (Shapeless):

Saddle Recipe:

Horse Armor Recipe:


Bottle O' Enchanting Recipe:


I know that they were originally added for the making of adventure maps, but I feel like the Bottle O' Enchanting has some potential for Vanilla Minecraft as well, so here is the recipe.

If you're a fan of brewing, you will realize that both of them have the ingredients for a potion of Healing and for one of Regeneration respectively. So it may be a little complicated to complete the recipe for the Totem of Undying but I personally prefer it, to the alternative of praying that one day, you may find a Mansion in a deep forest, especially if you're playing in 1.12.2.




As previously said, the Screen Sieve is able to recollect with ease the flint from gravel, as breaking the block with this item in hand will drop with a 100% rate a flint from said block, making the recollection of flint a lot less tedious.


Starting out with 2 simple yet effective new tools, both created to make the crafting of arrows a lot more practical, the first one are the:

The SVU Recipes:


Rotten Flesh:

All of the new Smelting Recipes are new methods to obtain one thing and one thing alone:


These new smelting recipes can be divided mainly into 2 groups:

-Skin Armors:

Smelting Recipes:

Because let's be honest, there really isn't a scenario where you can have enough bonemeal. Besides you're able to find a use to all of those pesky stacks of seeds and saplings.

And before someone says something: Yes, I know that it is the perfect food source for the wolves, still it's good giving another use to this (most of the time) junk item.

Last but not least, come the new 4 sets of armors, which aren't actually anything special, they are just a cosmetic experiment, one that I hope will please some people, these are the:

Leather Skin Armor Recipe:

As you may see in the image, our dear Alex isn't wearing any type of visible armor, yet she has all of the armor points.

This is no visual glitch, it's just that she is wearing her Diamond Skin Armor.

And that's it, if you read the entire article, thank you for being so interested in the mod, now you're ready to go ahead, download it and enjoy it. I would love to hear your opinions about it.

So get out there, start stacking arrows, grow your farmland as far as the eye can see and enjoy your watching your skin during combat.

Future Additions:

And there you go, that is all the content in "Simple Vanilla Upgrades" as of now

In case you missed anything, here are all the items in the mod right now:

All the content in the mod:
In Future Update:

-The Uncrafting Table


-Spike Traps

-Climbing Rope

Everything added in the mod will be explained in this page, so without further ado. Lets begin!

First of, we begin with:

String from Wool:

Recipe (Shapeless):

Colored Wool to White Wool:

Recipe (Shapeless):

Same story really. Besides this allows you to recolor all your wool to whatever color you want/need.

Nametag recipe:


Not the first, nor last person who wonders why this isn't vanilla, but whatever.

Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe:


I don't feel like I am the only one who was a little disappointed with the fact that they removed this recipe... Well anyway, I returned it back because, why not.

Green Dye Recipe:

Obsidian Block Recipe:

Recipe (Shapeless):


Why did they never added this recipe? Oh well, here it is, the Saddle recipe.


Speaking of horse around and recipes that should have been added, the Horse Armor recipe.

Now that those are of the way, now we are going to raise it up a little by talking about the most complex recipe of the entire mod, the:

The Totem of Undying Recipe:

This recipe is a little bit more complicated than the other ones for it requires 2 of the 5 new items of the mod, The concoction of Healing and The concoction of Regeneration each one has it's own recipe:

The Concoction of Healing Recipe and the Concoction of Regeneration Recipe:

With those ones out of the way, we have finally finished all of the what we could call "Vanilla Recipes", meaning that everything that has been shown so far are only recipes for items and tools that were already part of the original game. But now let's talk about the most innovative part of the mod, let's talk about the new and original items that are added, let's call them:


This tool has quite a simple function, everytime you hit a chicken with this item in hand, the chicken will drop a feather. Make note that you're actually hurting the chicken, so I personally recommend you not try to critical strike the chicken, because then you will extract less feathers from it.

The second tool, is created to take care of the other essential material of the arrow recipe, the flint, this tool is called:

Screen Sieve:

It's also important to point out that both of this items have little durability so you will probably need to craft a bunch of these.

Last on our recipe list, it's a block that has already been conceptually added to the later versions of the game, however 1.12.2 players deserve to have it, it's the:

The young, lost cousin of the 1.14 barrel. The Drawer is a block that can store items, however unlike the chest, it can be placed above and between other Drawers without requiring any space, it's able to store as much as a normal single chest.

And that's it, those are all of the new, usefull recipes added in the mod. So let's dive straight into the next subject, the:

Seeds and Saplings:

And speaking of giving purpose to stacks of junk, the infamous:

Finally we are at the last stop of the explanation of the mod, here we are going to talk about the last thing the mod has to offer, which are the new:


As a good friend once said to me: "Some people spend too much time and effort making their skins just so that the ugly typical texture of the vanilla armor covers it all" and besides during normal gameplay, you will probably never remove your armor for a good reason.

Wouldn't you like to have the option to turn-off visually your armor? Without exposing yourself to damage, or at least some of it.

Terraria solved this in a much more harmonic way (something that I might try in the future) but in the meantime, you will be able to craft all the vanilla armors but with the choice of making them texture-less.

Gold Skin Armor Recipe:

Iron Skin Armor Recipe:

Diamond Skin Armor Recipe:

Bugs to fix:

-Making the Tweezers and Screen Sieve not show their damage value.

-Making the Totem of Undying crafting recipe actually require potions of Health and Regeneration instead of the Concoctions?